Techie One Returns Policy

Please note ALL stated ASIC miners host a manufacturers warranty as stated on the product page. Please note we host various refund specifications across our entire catalogue variant on the product category. Based on the drop shipping source as well as the CPA of both the delivery and origin and the locational legislative policies – where we often accept refunds from our clients request according to the circumstantial evidence. If the refund request is accepted by our supplier we will process payment accordingly. Please note: the buyer is responsible for shipping the product back to our suppliers and any costs associated.

Although delivery times may vary – depending on shipping locations – the purchaser has only 30 days – after delivery to initiate a return request, which will be processed and dealt with accordingly.

All orders placed are not instant final transactions. Once a order is recieved, information such as delivery zone, in-house stock availability , supplier stock availability and factors as such, are appropriately processed and if the order is unavailable Techie One will issue an appropriate refund within the following period.

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